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Soilable Stirrer-Straw has been awarded the Good Design Award 2020, with over 4,769 international entries, we are honored to be one of the 1395 awardees. Our stirrers-straws are specially designed for both sipping and stirring coffee/ tea, while compostable and truly recyclable into other paper products after use, a better alternative to plastic or wooden stirrers.


Award-winning item SOILABLE Paper Coffee Stirrer-Straw [SOILABLE Paper Coffee Stirrer-Straw]
Business Owner WAN Chi Wing Don
Category Kitchen goods, cookware, tableware and cutlery
Company Jetwell GreenTech Limited (Hong Kong)
Award Number 20G050226
Outline of Good Design Award winners Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020
Outline * The shown information is the one as of the awarded date and might has been changed.
Outline The 1st coffee stirrer made by paper in the world, made by only 1 layer of water barrier coated paper & ultrasonic sealing, usable for both sipping & stirring hot coffee/tea for about 1 hr without soggy mouthfeel, a good alternative to plastic/wooden stirrers, can degrade in natural environment, compostable & truly recyclable to other paper products (reuse raw materials) for better sustainability.
Producer Jetwell GreenTech Limited
Director WAN Chi Wing Don
Designer WAN Chi Wing Don
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Market release pending 2020/8/1

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